How I Can Help
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How I Can Help

Well, I think I got lucky and had the chutzpah to call these guys up. However, there are other people who have chutzpah to call people up too. The Google guys called me up, so I had lunch with them. And so I think it still happens a little. I don’t think it ever happened a lot, and I don’t think it happens a lot now. But I think it still happens—it happened a little, and it still happens a little. Maybe most people aren’t interested. They have their own things to worry about.

- Steve Jobs, Make Something Wonderful

The internet is a fantastic way to meet people.

But cold intros are hard, and it's difficult to know when someone is willing to help and the best way to ask.

This post is my bat signal. I will periodically update it as my work and free time changes. If there is something that I can do to help you, please feel free to reach out and I'll do my best to respond.

Last updated: April 2023

About Me

I've worked in blockchain and crypto since 2018. I'm currently a multisig signer at Bright Moments, an on-chain DAO that helps generative and AI artists mint and sell work on the Ethereum blockchain. Over the past 18 months we've had over 10,000 ETH ($20M) flow through our ecosystem and have opened galleries in Venice Beach, New York City, Berlin, London, Mexico City, and Tokyo. I'm experienced with Ethereum, smart contracts, website development, and product management.

In addition to my crypto experience, I've also worked at a venture-funded startup, Shortwave, as their first head of growth. I helped them grow beyond their first DAU and came up with various product and marketing campaigns to gain users, as well as personally conducted hundreds of user feedback sessions. Prior to that, I worked at a Fortune 30 health insurance company in the U.S. within their innovation department, where I stood up an internal training program for machine learning and led the business development of a consortium of health care payers that was spun out into a startup. I've also worked at Deloitte and have an undegraduate degree in Bioengineering.

Technical Competencies

I'm a power user of Ethereum. My primary wallet has a nonce count of ~2,500.

I'm also very comfortable with data analysis and have experience using Python, Excel, and SQL to massage datasets and build pipelines for various end users.

I know a smattering of Javascript and Clojure and am comfortable poking around React files, although I haven't spent much time as the primary author of a popular product's codebase.

How I Can Help

Some ways I've recently helped others:

  • Troubleshooting code, especially relating to on-chain generative art projects that use p5.js and Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Giving advice to an independent artists on how to package and market their work on-chain. I summarized my advice in my recent post, Thoughts on Selling Generative Art.  
  • Provided a small scholarship to students from my high-school that demonstrated exceptional curiosity in a technical field. I paid their scholarship in cryptocurrency, because I wish someone had sent me Bitcoin when I was a senior.
  • Coffee chats with founders and students who are curious about crypto, tech, or career advice in general. Hiring tips and product feedback. A friendly ear to listen to the trials and tribulations of doing something hard.

Ways to Reach Me

The best way to reach me is via email. My email address is in the About section of my website. I'm also active on Farcaster.

I respond best to specific questions, especially if I can answer in writing. I'm less likely to say yes to general requests for a phone call or an open-ended chat.