Bright Moments Tokyo
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Bright Moments Tokyo

Bright Moments Tokyo is a art installation and music concert taking place from May 5-10, 2023.

I'll be in Tokyo this May launching Bright Moments Tokyo, a five day generative art installation and music concert in Shibuya City.

We've launched communities in six cities since starting Bright Moments in 2021: Venice Beach, New York City, Berlin, London, Mexico City, and now, Tokyo.

The playbook for each city is similar:

  • First, the community votes on where we should visit. CryptoCitizen holders vote on-chain from a list of options selected by the team.
  • Next, we send a scouting team to the chosen city ~6 months before the show to meet with locals and potential partners.
  • Then we organize a lineup of artists who agree to release a new collection of 100 artworks on the blockchain. For Tokyo, we have two amazing lineups of generative & AI artists.
  • We begin designing an immersive physical experience to accompany the creation of those artworks, as well as the next iteration of our CryptoCitizens.
  • Our community funds the city installation by purchasing tickets. These tickets grant the holder the right to attend and mint the artwork that will be created during our time there.
  • Finally, we fly to the city ~1 month before the show as a team. Once we're on the ground, we onboard locals to our community for free and invite them to mint with us and join the DAO.

I learn something new in each city we visit. I'm especially excited for Tokyo. Since I was a child, I've been heavily influenced by Japanese culture and technology. I hope to return the favor in some small way through this show.

Bright Moments Tokyo will take place from May 5-10. I'll be in Tokyo beginning in mid-April and would love to grab a coffee with anyone who might be there.

If you'd like to follow along, you can follow us at @brtmoments on Twitter and @brightmomentsgallery on Instagram. If you decide to visit, just let me know by responding to this email and we can coordinate dates.