Bright Moments x USV
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Bright Moments x USV

Funding our expansion as a global network of physical gallery spaces

Bright Moments is an NFT art gallery organized as a decentralized autonomous organization, or “DAO” for short. Our first location opened in Venice Beach this summer as an experiment in community building. I wrote about the project here in June.

Since then, we’ve gone on to onboard hundreds of people into crypto through live auction events and “minting” appointments. Minting is when you create an NFT using a small amount of cryptocurrency. It’s called minting because it creates a digital token, similar to the way that a physical coin is “minted”.

We also announced our plans to launch a Bright Moments gallery in New York City. To fund the operation we sold 200 NFTs that represent minting appointments. Just like buying a ticket to a concert, holding these NFTs gives the owner access to our gallery. The sale on Mirror sold out in 27 minutes and raised 400 ETH.

Yesterday Bright Moments exchanged 1,000,000 BRT tokens for 500 ETH from Union Square Ventures. The deal happened completely on-chain. No paperwork. They sent 500 ETH and in return the DAO sent 1M BRT tokens that confer governance rights.

These funds allow Bright Moments to secure physical real estate that is a crucial component in our project roadmap. It also allows us to expand the team and make sure we have the resources to deliver on our promise of a memorable live minting experience.

I’m excited to continue building experiences that intersect the digital and physical worlds. If you’re working in the crypto or web3 space and want to learn more about the project please feel free to reach out.