Phil's Newsletter #1
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Phil's Newsletter #1

The bots are coming. SpaceX sticks the landing. The first of many.

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Why I joined Anthem. How we’re thinking about blockchain. Moving from a minimum viable product to a minimum viable ecosystem. Blockchain In Healthcare

🤖 Artificial Intelligence

A reinforcement algorithm trained by OpenAI defeated a professional e-sport team in a game called DOTA 2. The algorithm had accumulated approximately 45,000 years of experience playing the game, with an average of 250 years per day trained continuously for 10 months. Although the game was played with a limited hero pool, this is seen as a breakthrough in the realm of e-sports, which was traditionally considered too complicated for RL to tackle. OpenAI maintains that their architecture will allow the bot to improve with additional compute time and data, highlighting the benefits of deep learning techniques. Announcement Link. Hackernews Discussion.

📚 Reading

An extremely in-depth and revealing article detailing the friction within the current Facebook executive team. Especially interesting is the suggestion that FB is attempting to slow Instagram growth to protect the Blue App’s metrics. Link.

A thoughtful discussion on AI Bias from a16z’s Ben Evans. Link.

More than you probably need to know about relational databases. Link.

📺 Videos

The SpaceX team performs another stunning feat of engineering prowess. Sticks the landing (x3). Link.

60 minutes of true statements from Amber Baldet (Clovyr) at this years SXSW. The topics are mostly focused on crypto, but also include insights into the history of encryption. Link.

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