NASA Goes Back to Titan 🚀
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NASA Goes Back to Titan 🚀

United States of Crypto. State of AI 2019. A plant owned by the internet.

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Basic data preparation and analysis for a data science project to predict Airbnb rental price.

Part 1: Airbnb Price Prediction: Data Analysis

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What do you believe is true that most people would disagree with? If you have trouble answering this, you’re not alone. The Overton Window is the concept that ideas fall within several categories of public discourse, ranging from “Policy” to “Unthinkable”. Paul Graham describes this in more detail in his essay What You Can’t Say.

Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, discusses the concept of “Control as Liability” as a positive argument for decentralization. Link.

Coinbase released a survey on crypto adoption and use in the United States. 58% of people have heard of Bitcoin and California has the highest rate of ownership. Link.

Opinion on Facebook’s Libra project from industry analyst Ben Thompson. Link.

We’re going (back) to Titan! NASA announced plans for Dragonfly, a drone spaceship that will explore Saturn’s moon best known for containing lakes of liquid methane. The mission is expected to launch in 2026. Our last visit to Saturn’s largest moon was in 2005. Link.

A deep dive into Move, Libra’s new programming language. Warning: 26 pages. Link.

State of AI 2019 report with dedicated sections to Research, Talent, Industry, Politics, and China. Link.

I love the internet. lets users on Reddit choose whether or not to water a houseplant connected to an Arduino.

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