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A behind the scenes look at a new NFT drop

CryptoVenetians are an NFT pixel-art collection based on real people from the local scene in Venice, California. Here’s a CryptoVenetian in it’s natural habitat:

One of over two-hundred thousand possible CryptoVenetian sprites

CryptoVenetians are algorithmically generated. Instead of creating each sprite individually and uploading the completed image files to the blockchain, we’ve designed dozens of separate attributes that can be combined into thousands of unique characters. During the minting process an algorithm generates a unique CryptoVenetian that belongs to one person. This process is achieved via a smart contract deployed through the ArtBlocks platform.

When CryptoVenetians launch there will only be one way to get your own: by visiting the physical Bright Moments gallery here in Venice. Think of this project like Pokémon cards meets a Supreme sneaker drop. Each CryptoVenetian will have a designated rarity, but you won’t know which one you’ll get until you visit the gallery and receive a “pack”.

Early CryptoVenetian concepts on a table during the Bright Moments gallery opening night

We think this project is something special. There is a lot of technical and artistic experimentation happening in the NFT space right now, but nothing quite like this. Typing physical presence into the distribution mechanism is a novel approach to ensuring locals and enthusiasts in the area can have a piece of the digital legacy we’re creating.

CryptoVenetians are just the start. Once Bright Moments expands to other geographies we will launch CryptoNewYorkers, CryptoTexans, Crypto-You-Name-It.

If you want to learn more about the project or have an idea to make it better I’d love to chat.